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Please be advised that Boostfitness and Personal Training should not be used in place of seeking actual medical advice or treatment from a medical professional. All personalized programs are designed and based from information submitted to Boostfitness by registered customers and clients and are created with safety in mind - it is the clients responsibility to disclose injury or other potential medical issues that may affect programming. Programs are geared to adults over 18 years of age.

Get Fit For You For Your Life

Results are Yours

Whether you want to build muscle, burn calories, or just get moving, my personalized training options will help you achieve a wide range of fitness goals. I'll give you the support and coaching you need -- you have to show up for YOU to get results.


Keep Moving...so you CAN KEEP MOVING!

Our bodies were made to move. I personally want to be physically independent and strong as long as possible as I grow through each chapter of life. Why -- the HEALTH of it of course. My goal is to help others to do the same - keep active with the kids, grandkids and our peers (at a level that is desirable to each individual). 

Fitness isn't only about a number on a scale or a size in our closet. I believe to succeed in your fitness goals, you must have a goal (big or small)!  You must be engaged and committed and have the  desire to succeed (I'll help you get there!) Understand that your transformation is personal and unique to you and might be simple.  Getting in shape isn't a punishment. Eating foods that are nutritious benefits YOU! 

You make and succeed at change by respecting and loving your body

and what it CAN DO . 

It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that you can achieve by building the habit. Whether you care about your looks or not, you should care about your health and fitness - as it is an area of life that we may not have all control of but we do have some. Use it.

Be #Fitforlife - YOUR LIFE

Boostfitness & PT Services

I'm a Certified Personal Trainer and I create programs designed to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. I work with each client to custom design an exercise plan that reflects their short and long-term goals. Check out my offerings and choose whichever one best suits your ambitions and lifestyle. Basic nutrition coaching (no meal plans) is available.

I am #1fitmomma and I want to help women out there who also want to be "fit momma's", whether you are actually a mother or not you can be your best you. I am so glad that I had good health prior to pregnancy, I highly recommend parents consider getting in great shape prior to Jr. or Jr-Ette coming into the world. Even if you didn't you still can be fit, mobile and healthy now.

Online** Program Styles:

Independent Woman or Man -- For the woman or man who wants a custom plan but is able to run with it on her own. $150/8 weeks.

I'm Every Woman -- For the woman who needs custom plan and a little more contact and guidance. $250/12 weeks

Girl on Fire - For the woman who needs a custom plan and wants in your face motivation and contact multiple times a week. $400/12 weeks

Small Group Fitness Online

In Person - Train with with me at Mary Free Bed YMCA in Grand Rapids MI. Packages are priced and purchased directly via the YMCA. Membership not required. You can request to train with me. (I currently train in afternoons and evenings -- no early mornings at this time)

**As a busy mom myself and previously a career desk jocky, online training is a new and exciting way for me to offer more effective, and cost effective, training for parents, working or not who want to get fit and change their body  and don't have much time without the limitations and expenses of the gym or with training specified for the gym if desired.  You can TRAIN at whatever time is most convenient for your busy life! https://onlinetrainer.com/what-online-training/

Flexibility, Customization

and Convenience

Online Personal Training

When in person isn't a fit - programming and accountability online keep things flexible! Whether you want to workout at home or a gym, I can design a program for your goals. Don't worry I'm not a robot, we may not be in the same room but at times we may be in the same virtual space (meaning we could Facetime, Google chat, regular call, text, etc).

Hands on Spotting

One on One Personal Training

While all of my programs offer a human touch, in person is me with you at the time you're working out. Giving you corrections and instructions and yes counting your reps. I am training in person at the Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mary Free Bed YMCA.

For pricing hit the link below. Membership has great benefits (use any YMCA you're near!), however if you're just looking to do training you can do that, too. Pricing at the links. Other questions feel free to contact me :)

Group Support

Small Group Fitness Online

Whether you’re training to lose weight or just want to trim and tone, small group training gives the benefit of some form correction via video and or pictures along with the fun of a small group online - it will help improve your fitness and have you feeling great. When moms and women support each other wonderful things can happen!

Many - Tony Robbins, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford...

Sometimes you've done just enough to keep you from really reaching your goals - and sometimes quitting just seems easier - if you want different results...BE DIFFERENT!

If you always do what you always did - You'll always get what you always got."

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