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“Dammit Jim I’m NOT a doctor…”

May 3, 2016


As a personal trainer my mission is to assist my clients to improve their health with fitness. All too often clients will do anything they can to avoid having an ache or pain actually diagnosed for fear that it may set them back. Here’s the thing...I’m a personal trainer, not a doctor. I cannot diagnose or treat your knee, back, hip, or shoulder pain. I do know A LOT of exercises for every part of the body. Not the point. I do also have extensive knowledge of pain issues.


What I can do is help a person learn how to strengthen areas of weakness that may contribute to pain and or injury, inflexibility and instability and also sometimes more importantly help them stay consistent with recommendations for exercise and reach various fitness goals. Not all goals are specific to having “a waist that is small and curves that are kickin!”...


I am a personal trainer. I have had a ton of experience working with physical therapists and being a patient myself however...I am not one.


The assessments I do with clients before beginning a workout program are the basic assessments to get an idea of where they are now, ie some general measurements and light fitness testing. Are they a couch potato or seasoned fitness enthusiast? I may not be a doctor but I DO need to know if they have a heart condition or pre-existing injury, disease or condition that could be exacerbated by certain types of exercise--seriously, I don’t mess around here. Dammit Jim, I know CPR but I DON’T want to use it!


I can take a prescription for activity from a physician to help build a program to improve numbers...lower body fat, lose some pounds, increase muscle, reduce waist to hip ratio, improve blood pressure, resting heart rate, sugar levels, etc. While some of these indicators need to be measured by the physician, the client and I can do a lot together to improve them.


I love to help my clients feel better, look better (if they care) and improve their overall fitness, reach a specific goal and as a result improve their health!  When you become my client and come to me with nagging shoulder, knee, back, neck, foot, hip, etc pain, please understand that I will encourage you to seek more professional advice than R.I.C.E.* When injuries or chronic issues are keeping you from reaching your goals and your doc has given you specific guidelines I will support you by staying in those guides to reduce further problems.  It is rare that I have to fire a client but sometimes we aren't a match --- no pain no gain isn't a mantra I utilize for anything other than those last burning reps. My goal is to leave you better than I found you.





Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation (also alternating heat and cold)



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