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The Results are in - I Say Success with the Little Black Dress

April 29, 2017

What a difference 6 weeks can make for your body and your mind. 


 I normally am not doing a program along with my clients (mostly due to differences in goals!) but I DO like to sample and know a program before offering it to my clients (quality assurance!). 


My clients are all different paths of life, different goals, and also different size, fitness level and age. The Little Black Dress program was a 6 week nutrition retraining and exercise program. The fact is you could lose weight on diet alone but unfortunately most people actually end up losing more than just L-B's (pounds). You lose muscle and you don't get fitter without the exercise component!!!!


This program accelerated losses all around by restricting calories in the beginning, cleansing the palate (helping to cut the sugar tooth & similar cravings) and using whole foods. Being too low calorie can be counter productive as well -- it can make your body hold EVERY ounce of fat it has thinking that it isn't being fed. That is NOT the way to feel better, get more fit, look better, etc.



I'm a nursing mom so unfortunately some of the lower cal days were NOT great and I had to increase calories and fat so I could make sure baby was getting ALL HER meals in. I DO NOT recommend fasting (other than sleep) or much for low cal while nursing --- eat a well rounded plate that includes fruits, veggies, fats, proteins and plenty of water, etc (if you are worried about weight loss then it is easy SKIP the extra treats for awhile).



Overall though, it was a great experience, I found out that I do enjoy Vinegars (not viniagrette) on my salads some of the time, making a green smoothie is as easy using real fruit, greens and protein as buying a "powder"... tossing in blender and mixing. The freezer is your friend when produce is on sale or in season! We already have a lot of home grown/hunted meats (chicken, venison and fish!)


My new favorite pasta substitute is Spaghetti Squash...not kidding is AWESOME. Even my husband really liked.


Along with the nutrition there were workouts! Total body workouts with weights and cardio was integrated in up to 3 times a week. My clients did one live bootcamp class a week and the other workouts on their own and yes weights and resistance. They got stronger, lost inches and are a wonderful group of women to call clients and FRAMILY!


One reason these programs can be successful is it takes the thinking out of it for clients, just eat what is on the menu and by the way TRY SOME NEW FOODS and here's a workout!!!! 


Tastebuds change every few years so although I never liked fish growing up --- it is a favorite now (seafood -- that is still out).


So the nitty gritty for me:


I started at 143 pounds (I'm on the taller side around 5'8.5") I ended at 140 pounds and lost half an inch on my hips (SO HAPPY all my pants now fit!), gained quarter inch on my biceps (YES muscles!!!) lost half an inch on my thighs (DOUBLE YES) and half an inch on my waist. Chest same. I dipped down to 138 but my body tends to like the 140's so I'm not fighting to stay less --- it doesn't matter!!!


These might not seem like remarkable changes but I now can fit in all my pre pregnancy pants (I couldn't between baby 1 and 2 and that was just with a few extra lower body inches).


It was a kickoff to getting ready for my second PHAT Camp with Nicole Wilkins and friends in May 2017 this time NOT PREGNANT and also to getting ready for WAKEBOARDING this summer in my board shorts and shirt. I took 2016 off as I was pregnant and wanted to be raring to hit the water full steam this summer.


At the end of the program I was a little lighter, A LOT Tighter, and stronger.


Remember no matter what program you decide to do, you get out of it what you put in. Hours of cardio should NOT be what you're putting in, eating only once a day usually is NOT what you should be doing. :) 


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