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Challenging Lower Body Workout

June 6, 2017


Lower body scorcher. If you're a beginner tread lightly! Without proper form especially on squats and deadlifts injury is definitely possible. Substitute and change reps, weights and sets to match your current level.

This workout brought to you by Boostfitness & Personal Training typically I don't DO this much in one workout or spend more than an hour total but I had kid care today and some energy so I hammered it out and took my time. 
Track workout inspired by the awesomely awesome @nicolewilkins foam rolling and leg finisher by @maureenashley and mobility via @amandabetron from Rochester Performance Gym. #legday #fit4life

Indoor Track 1 mile =5 laps
2 lap warm up walk/jog, light skipping
8 Sprints straight away 8 walk curve
Yeah....it was intense-all out sprint.

Then onto the weights!!! Supersets and triplesets...minimal rest and great cardio while lifting.

Reps. Weight
Barbell front squat 20/15/10 (30-50-70)
Romanian deadlift 15/12/12 (50/50/70)

High step up (height just above my knee) 15/15/15 (20db's x2 and 1 set 20 one side)
Jump lunge 16/16/16 (body)

Ball ham curl +hip lift 20 curl and immediately 10 hip lift feet on swissball--this freakin' burns! 
Single Side step up shin height box 15/15/12 (20 db's both hands then 20 one side last set) (abduct/knee up/knee elbow)

Leg Punisher (moes close lunge) 15/15/15 (12lb ball/5lb dbs/none -burned last set to fail)
Ball tuck in/pike/tuck in toes out 3 sets 12
Ball back Ext 3 sets 12

Mobility stretches from RPG's Betron
Foam roll!!! 
Both of these felt needed!!!
Half lap walk final cool down to locker room


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