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Follow Friday...These are my Go☆To Peeps

September 9, 2017

If you're looking for inspiration or perspiration these are a few people I recommend. While I definitely offer the above myself these are some of my go - to's:


Nicole Wilkins

So much info on her site and she's always sharing helpful tips on her FB and Instagram. When it comes to NPC/IFBB physique contest stuff she is my go to and also she doesn't duck face all the time which is fantastic. She totally lets us know she's human (not some social media android). She is funny, inspiring, a fabulous coach and one of the most down to earth champions I've ever met. 




Rochester Performance Gym

Amanda and Steve are awesome. They have a powerlifting gym in Rochester Michigan and they also post great tips and shows of strength on their pages as well as have lifting events. Both personal trainers and people person's. Amanda and I did a couple of the same NPC shows and she helped me figure out how to get my stage hair perfect, real team and great support.




Moe Fitness

Maureen is the real deal. She doesn't BS (I mean she does but not when it is important) and is hilarious. She is educated in nutrition and training to the max. She helps keep us human. Set goals, don't give up and stay true to you. Moe and I also met via NPC shows and I feel fortunate to have been part of her team. Support is never short with her.







Tabitha Goldsmith


I met Tab when we both worked at SnapFitness in Lowell (we had a great owner and manager there). She is a well educated trainer and health coach. She recently also began competing in NPC contests and has been killing it. She works hard and her clients do, too. One of my fave fitmomma friends.



Transformation Personal Fitness

I worked with Jon Walters for a minute at a gym before it went defunct. He has his own studio in the Wyoming area and is a get results kind of guy. He is well educated and also has really good short videos on how to help yourself. He is a great guy and trainer, you can't go wrong with a dog or occasionally toddler helping to keep your form in check.


Grand Rapids Fitness


Aaron gets his clients results. If you want to whine and complain through your workout go for it. You'll more likely be laughing though and you will for sure be getting your butt kicked in his private studio. When you work the meal plan and workouts the results happen.



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