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Show Off Your Shoulders

October 6, 2017

Strong shoulders are not just for looks...but it doesn't hurt when they look good. This workout takes about 35 minutes. I don't usually recommend just working one bodypart but there are a lot of parts to the shoulders and it is nice to hit it from all angles once in awhile.


Warm Up 2 sets 10-12 ALL
Arm Circles Big & Small
Inverted Head Press (or unweighted overhead press)
Lateral and Front Raise combo low or no weight


3 Pairs of Supersets...


Seated Shoulder Press 1 set 15, 2 heavier sets 8-10
Mountain Climbers


Plate Raises (front raise) 3 sets 8-12 (last set drop set 8 heavy, 8 less heavy, 8 more)

Bent Dumbbell Rear Fly 3 sets 10-12 (challenging but not TOO heavy due to the "bent" position)


Facepulls with Rope 3 sets 12-15 (last set dropset)
Single Side Dumbbell Raise 12-15 




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