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Shredding for Summer

July 12, 2018

While I didn't end up winning the Nicole Wilkins 40 Day Shred...I did still win a more shredded and stronger physique!


Even as a trainer things can get a little stale. Many trainers have coaches of their own (for the same reason that everyone else does!!! To help motivate and program for specific changes or goals).


I like doing challenge based programs, it is a specific time length, with a generally (fat loss, muscle gain, other) specific goal attached. All the meal plans and workouts are done for you, all you have to do is follow. The hard part is the usual...following when it gets TOUGH!!!! For many people it is when our bodies are uncomfortable we stop working - that is the time to DIG IN and keep consistent in order to achieve your goals, no MATTER what they are...#consistencyisKEY. Your buckets of sweat or lack there of are NOT the indication that you've had a good or crap workout. Sorry to burst that bubble. So if you are a sweaty Betty - embrace it during your workouts the shower is likely only steps away. 


Since I'm not presently doing physique type competitions and have no real desire to become a runner (by that I mean racer, marathoner, etc - I do run) or cyclist or swimmer (unless inside!) I like these challenges as a way to set new goals.


Some day I may run a marathon or do a full triathlon however at this time I don't want that much repetitive method of training. I did complete my first sprint tri as part of the GRYMCA's indoor triathlon series this year. That was fun, and I'd love to do more of those. Very controlled environment which I like and definitely competitive group.


During this challenge I found I was able to lift much heavier than I thought (safely) and that I could get through the challenge with the family intact. Some days were dicey trying to fit it all in. Priorities prevailed on the days they needed in the areas they needed. Morning cardio isn't really a great option for me so instead I do it when I lift. Get it in where you can FIT IT IN (and be sure to make sure you do...along with prepping some basic foods if that is an area that usually holds you back). An hour or two once or twice a week of getting some meats (if you eat that) prepared for you AND the family that you can easily pair with a veggie and other easy to prepare sides. 


Now to #tbt to the last time I did compete in an NPC contest. Fall 2013 vs the physique I have now post shred. Personally, I'll say I'm #winning and still have more muscles to grow. Show days are an 'enhanced' version of you - fake lashes, fake tan, specific posing and stage makeup not your daily "look". It is a day to show off your physique.


I'm happy to be able have improved my strength on several lifts so that I can continue to keep up with our kids, I can lift, chase and carry the kids (who are now 30lbs each so YEAH that is getting tough). I was excited and sore for over a week after this particular single leg press work. I thought I was pressing 45 lbs which I struggled hard with and thought wow I am really tired...then I saw the 35lb plate was snugged in the inside...usually it is larger plates to smaller ones. All I know is noticing THAT I was doing MORE than I thought I could also got me excited (a minor but important mindshift if you will) instead of thinking how lame it was that it was seemingly light I immediately thought WHOA - I am awesome and finished my next 2 sets. Legs screaming the whole way. Form was good so I kept on. #strongerthanyouTHINK


If you're trying a new eating plan...stick with it for more than 30 days. If you're not seeing changes on the scale please use additional methods!!!! Inch measurements, pictures and clothing as well as actual strength changes are GOOD things to integrate into your overall progress tracking. Fast or large continuous changes doesn't mean you should ditch your entire effort and it also doesn't mean you necessarily need to change much with your overall plan - give yourself a chance to succeed and reach your goals. Minor tweaks can make a huge difference and so do miscellaneous handfuls of snacks...track it (pen and paper, mobile spreadsheet, MyfitnessPal, Macros+, multiple apps exist to assist).


I'm looking forward to doing another challenge and encourage you to make sure that whether your working out at home or the gym or in exercise classes that you are CHALLENGING yourself to get MORE fit (you don't have to desire to be shredded) and healthy for your life and your goals.


#fit4life #challengeaccepted #youCANdothis

















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